Shower Doors and Panels Are Important When Installing a New Shower and Bathroom

A Shower & Bath Conversion are not a simple addition to the bathroom. However, for most it is a chance to upgrade an outdated shower area with a beautiful new bath and shower enclosure. Bathroom remodels are becoming more popular as homeowners face rising costs of home maintenance and want to do something to offset the decline in real estate values. For some people, having a shower and tub is essential feel clean and prepared for the day ahead. Others may not be able to afford an entirely new shower and bath unit, but could make do with a shower kit or shower enclosure that does the job.

Installing a shower enclosure involves more than just drilling new holes and installing shower curtains. There are many additional items that need to be considered before a shower conversion is completed. Water flow should be a major consideration. The best candidates for high-flow shower enclosures are those designed to meet the needs of the “Green” movement. These features specially designed shower heads and rain showers that conserve water, keep noise levels down, and are more efficient than older-style shower heads.

In addition to water conservation, another item that must be considered for a successful Shower & Bath Conversion is the set up of the plumbing for the shower and/or tub. It is always best to have the correct plumbing in place from the start, and if plumbing is something of a challenge, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a professional. In some cases, where special attention has to be given to the plumbing of the shower/tub area, it may even be possible to hire a professional plumber to complete the entire shower enclosure project.

The type of shower curtains being used must also be considered when upgrading a shower. Traditional shower curtains need to be made of special materials to withstand the rigors of showering. Often these fabrics are quite flammable and even more so when wet. The modern shower curtain fabric is more fire retardant, which may reduce the chance of serious fire hazards developing. For the environmentally conscious, there are now eco-friendly options on the market. These fabrics are made using cotton, bamboo, or hemp, and are usually treated with insect repellents to keep insects away.

Lighting is another important item to consider when installing a new shower or converting an existing shower to a new style. High-powered halogen lights installed in the shower doors can add a lot of beauty to the shower area, as well as saving on electrical costs. A popular choice is LED lighting, which provides a warm, glowing effect that is great at clearing your mind. These can also be left on throughout the shower to provide a soft, calming glow for the shower. Shower curtains with adjustable lighting are also available, which can be easily personalized to the liking of any homeowner.

Other items to look for when considering a shower and bath conversion are shower doors, shower panels, shower heads, and hand showers. The type of shower you choose will depend on the style of the home as well as your individual preferences. A well-designed shower enclosure can create a sense of space, adding value to a property. You should consult Milwaukee Bath and Shower to ensure that your shower and bath conversion project go smoothly.