All About Boat Detailing: What You Need to Know Before You Do It

Many people who own small or new boats do not necessarily consider boat and yacht detailing as part of their overall boat ownership package. This is actually a mistake. Detailing and maintaining your boat can go a long way in extending the life of the boat and extending its usefulness for many years to come. So, whether your boat is a cabin cruiser or a power boat, it is important to detail it regularly.

Boat and yacht detailing is a term used to describe any and all treatments that are performed to your boat and your cabin. In general, a boat detailing specialist will cost you between eight and forty dollars per foot, depending on the boat’s size, type, and condition. So, if you own a large cabin cruiser, the cost would be much higher. Smaller boats may require less labor and time to be spent on them, but the costs still remain. The goal of boat and yacht detailing is to provide you with a boat and a place to enjoy it at its best, free of stains and dirt.

Boat and yacht detailing is broken down into two categories: exterior and interior. Exterior boat and yacht detailing usually covers the outside of the boat and its finish. It is usually performed after the boat has been released from the factory and is ready to be used on the open water. This includes painting, washing, staining, waxing, and sometimes camouflage painting. The goal of this treatment is to provide you with a vessel that is clean and ready to take on the water.

Interior boat and yacht detailing prices usually include the same services, just in different areas. You can usually get the services you need done at half the price as when done exterior, so if you are tight on cash, it may be worth your while to look for a detailer who offers lower rates. Most companies that offer such services will offer a free estimate, so you can compare the prices before hiring anyone to come and do the job.

Another aspect of boat and yacht detailing is making sure your boat is ready for use after it leaves the factory. Most boat manufacturers spend months or even years making sure their boats are ready to take on the water before they are released. The first step is cleaning, which removes the dirt and grime from every part of your boat. Next is removing all decals and logos, as these are not waterproof and need to be treated separately. A power washer is then used to wash the bottom, which is important because most stains come from water getting on the bottom of your boat.

After the top layer has been removed, a high-quality waxing is done. The purpose of waxing is to protect the material on the surface and make it last longer by adding a protective layer. Many boat detailing company in Clearwater have their own waxing procedure, but many prefer to outsource this work to a professional service. Microfiber is the material used in boat detailing, and it is important to note that this must be cleaned like regular waxing. If it is cleaned using regular soap and water, it will not stick to the surface as well as microfiber.