Making Accessible Bathroom for Elders and Persons With Disabilities

Making accessible bathroom for elders and persons with disabilities is very important. There are many elderly who cannot walk around with their walker or cane. These people need a bathroom that can be easily maneuvered to access the rest of the house. Also, many disabled people like to bathe themselves rather than taking bath stepping on a stool or a toilet seat. It is very tiring for them to have to do it every time they want to take a bath or shower.

For these persons, a handicap-accessible bathroom can make them much more comfortable to use. A handicapped friendly environment promotes more self-care from these persons. In this way the aged can enjoy bathing and taking a shower without having to worry if they will trip or slip on any crack or bump on the tiled wall or tile floor. Some of these bathrooms also have hand rails to provide more safety for these persons.

It is very important that the bathroom designing for the disabled community reflects their unique living needs. This means that the bathroom should have the correct layout and equipment. If it does not have the things that they normally use in the bathroom, they will more likely suffer from feelings of discomfort and embarrassment. This can even lead to them leaving the home.

Another major problem that plagues the lives of many disabled persons is the inability to shower or bathe in the bathroom. These people may need to shower instead of using the facilities at the local community health center. Also toilet roll dispensers are necessary to help them to wipe themselves. Many such persons would like to take showers at a place where there is no shower facility available. This makes it almost impossible for them to make use of the available facilities at their own home.

Elderly persons require special attention and care. Some people in their golden age may have had to use wheelchairs for many years because of some physical ailments. In order to prevent these persons from facing many problems in using the bathroom, it is advisable to make it fully accessible. This can be done by using grab bars and armrests. This will also prevent the elderly person from slipping or tumbling on the floor.

A properly remodeled bathroom can make these persons much more comfortable. They can still use the bathroom without having to worry about anything. However, if it cannot be remodeled, there is always the option of installing bathroom flooring that is made to fit people with physical disabilities. This flooring is much stronger than most flooring options and is also easy to clean. To make the home welcoming and more relaxing for such senior citizens, it is advisable to install bathroom flooring that will provide a sense of security to them. For your bathroom remodel in New Haven BathPlanet in Connecticut is highly recommended.