Bath Remodel Ideas: Tiles

Bath Remodel

When most folks think about bathroom remodeling, they usually only think about plumbing. And while plumbing is essential for a proper custom bath remodel, there really are so many other fields and trades that homeowners need to consider before they entrust a contractor to handle their project. From choosing the right paint color to finding the perfect tiles for the floor, these are some of the many trades that need to be in place if you want your bathroom to look as good as it did on the day of your renovation.


Tile is one of the best ways to remodel a bathroom, and when done correctly, can turn an outdated bathroom into something brand new. If you’ve always wanted your bathroom to be a real jewel, then you’ll want to think seriously about investing in some beautiful tiles. You can choose any number of different colors, materials, and designs, so think about your overall sense of style when choosing the right tiles for your bathroom remodel. Some people love the look of marble, while others may prefer granite or glass tiles. Just make sure you take your time when choosing, as there’s a lot of work involved in bathroom remodeling.


One of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel is going to be the tub. If you haven’t already chosen a tub, then you’re going to need to think about it now. You can choose from an endless number of different styles, colors, and materials, so think about what you like and why. Maybe you want to go all out and purchase a Jacuzzi tub, but if you’re not too sure about that, maybe a contemporary claw foot tub will work better in your bathroom.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, then you might want to consider purchasing a whirlpool spa. These spas are incredibly soothing and relaxing, and they provide unlimited home improvements. Think about all of the effort that you’ll be saving by not having to go to the spa all the time! Also, if you purchase a whirlpool spa, then you won’t have to worry about cleaning it often because it does not stain.


The bathroom remodeling project is going to go a lot smoother if you choose to do some basic tile refinishing. Instead of hiring a contractor, consider doing some tile refinishing on your own. This can really save a ton of money, because you won’t have to pay the high price that professional painters would charge. There are tons of different products that you can use for tile refinishing, so start browsing around your home until you find a product that looks great. Also, before you start refinishing, be sure that you have all of the necessary tools and materials on hand.


If you’re planning on doing some DIY bathroom refinishing, remember that you’re going to need a paint sprayer, a quality primer, fine steel wool, a high-quality acrylic tub liner, a brush, some gloves, and a glass mat. Other things that you should also invest in are step stools, a squeegee, a caulk gun, a rubber mallet, and a rubber cement scraper. Another very helpful tool that will help make the job go easier is a ceramic wall tile, which will prevent water from getting behind the tile. By taking care of basic bathroom refinishing tasks yourself, you’ll notice that the entire project goes much faster and is less stressful.